Cannabidiol or CBD is gaining traction as a remedy for a lot of health issues. It is an effective anti-inflammatory agent that works really well in treating pain and health issues caused by inflammation. It also acts as a pain reliever, especially when used in its topical or extract form. CBD oil is becoming the primary ingredient for various products too.

The increasing popularity of CBD as a health treatment is further boosted by the many studies being conducted. There are new benefits discovered and better treatments invented thanks to the use of CBD. What additional benefits can be expected from the use of CBD in the near future?

Antipsychotic Effects

CBD is already recognized as a viable treatment for certain types of epilepsy. There are medications that use CBD as the primary compound, and these medications are now used in mainstream healthcare as treatment options.

The use of CBD for treating epilepsy triggered additional studies on other effects to be expected from the compound. Among the most promising ones are studies that explore the antipsychotic effects of CBD. The use of CBD may help those suffering from mental disorders.

At the same time, CBD is being considered as a viable treatment for more specific issues, including schizophrenia. CBD works by reducing psychotic symptoms and allowing those suffering from similar disorders better control over their treatment.

Anti-Tumour Treatment

CBD is already recognized as a compound that can potentially reduce the risk of cancer. Studies have shown that CBD is very effective in easing the symptoms caused by cancer, including side effects of cancer therapies. Symptoms such as vomiting and severe pain can be reduced or eliminated through the right CBD treatment.

Furthermore, CBD is also a potential treatment for tumour. The way CBD treats inflammation and boost the body’s ability to protect itself means the compound may soon be used to prevent and treat tumours in different parts of the body.

More research is needed to further investigate whether CBD has an active cancer- and tumour-fighting properties, but the studies we have today are indeed promising. The most recent one by the NIH showed how CBD slows down the spread of cancer cells in mice.

CBD for High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a health issue faced by many in this country. It is also an issue that causes additional, worse health problems with prolonged effects. High blood pressure could lead to heart problems, auto-immune deficiencies, and stroke.

When compared to a placebo, CBD oil worked much better in reducing the resting blood pressure in patients. When the same patients were stress-tested, those consuming CBD showed substantially lower blood pressure than the others.

It is not a secret that CBD is a good treatment for stress and anxiety. These studies simply explore the possibilities of using CBD as part of treating high blood pressure, knowing that the compound is soothing and relaxing by nature.

Diabetes Prevention

Another health problem that is becoming more common – even among younger patients – is diabetes, particularly Type II diabetes. Once again, CBD’s ability to reduce and treat inflammation makes the compound perfect for reducing the risk of diabetes by a substantial margin.

Regular consumption of CBD oil and CBD supplements are highly recommended. Considering that this compound brings no side effects, consumption at the right dosage is highly beneficial. Not only will CBD helps lower the risk of heart problems, it also reduces the risk of diabetes by more than 50%.

In fact, further studies on whether CBD can be used as a treatment for diabetes are being conducted. The use of CBD shows signs of better insulin production and absorption, allowing the body to process sugar more efficiently and helping maintain a healthy blood sugar level.

Treatment for Addiction Withdrawal

The last group of studies we are going to review in this article explores the possibility of using CBD for substance abuse treatment. In preliminary studies, CBD showed certain effects on the part of the brain that causes addiction.

Don’t be surprised to find CBD being used as a way to fight drug and alcohol addiction in the near future, because CBD is also very effective in reducing substance dependence. Since the compound contains only CBD and not THC, it is a safe treatment worth considering.

The growing number of CBD-based products is also a promising sign. You can now find anything from CBD creams to spray and beauty products that use CBD as their main ingredient. These options of CBD products mean you can find the most suitable way of consuming CBD as a health treatment without a problem.

These are promising signs indeed. Don’t expect CBD to lose traction or popularity soon, because there are still so many studies exploring the potential benefits of CBD as a treatment. It won’t be long before CBD is used more widely in mainstream medication.