Our mission

as an independent user led charitable organisation the Trafford Centre for Independent living (TCIL) will deliver activities that make a positive impact, for the benefit of its members and the community.

We have three strategic aims

1. To be an independent, sustainable, disabled person’s user led organisation (DPULO)

2. Work with individual disabled people to support them to be independent and develop their aspirations

3. To be a one stop shop for information for the disabled community

Our values

TCIL has the following values which will help to inform its decision making process:
– To be open and accountable
– To be socially responsible
– To promote equal opportunities

Brief History

Trafford Centre for Independent Living is a charitable company which was established in 2011 to provide services to residents in Trafford who have physical, sensory, learning or mental health impairments. The centre has developed a strong track record of working directly with the community, responding to individual’s needs in a compassionate and understanding way. The Centre delivers a variety of services from its premises at Marshall House, and through outreach activities that have been developed as part of the Trafford Advice Partnership; principally at Old Trafford Library and The Hub in Altrincham.

The centre has built up a number of services (funded by Trafford MBC) including caseworker support in the following areas: Advocacy, Brokerage & Information

The main aim of TCIL has been to make sure that local people can access appropriate support and advice and information. The organisation is fast becoming a trusted and innovative body, and in particular delivers a number of outreach services in minority ethnic communities across the borough.