Caitlin accesses the Life Coaching Service

Caitlin (not her real name) accessed our life coaching service with the help of Clare Cochrane, who is one of the life coaches at Trafford CIL. We are very thankful to Caitlin for allowing us to share her story with everyone.


Caitlin, aged 19, came to life coaching because she wanted to get better at communicating her needs to the people around her. She wanted to be able to speak up in class at college, to have more independence – for example getting out of her wheelchair and using her walker more, and she wanted to be able to tell people when things weren’t right for her.


Caitlin heard about the life coaching and at her first meeting she discussed about how she would like things to be. Clare encouraged her to describe her vision of what success in getting better at communicating – how her life would look and how she would feel. Then Caitlin set her goal: to speak up in class at least once in the next month.

Together they discussed her strengths, and her weaknesses, and how to use her strengths to overcome her weaknesses. Over the next few weeks they talked through problems that Caitlin had communicating and how to do things differently, and each week Caitlin had a go at trying a new way to communicate with someone or a new way to approach a problem. The next week when they met she would report back and they would discuss what was easy and what was difficult.


Caitlin tried talking in class early in her life coaching – and she achieved her goal almost straight away! This meant she had to set new mini-goals each week. As she achieved each goal she set herself she felt more and more confident, and she found herself speaking up more and more at college. By the end of the life coaching she was able to speak in class more often, she was getting support at college to get out of her wheelchair and use her walker, and she was able to work out how to keep her confidence up and talk to people about difficult things that were not working for her.

In 8 weeks Caitlin had changed a lot from being a very shy person to being a lot more confident and relaxed! 

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