When you need to arrange care and support services for yourself or someone you care about, it can be a little daunting.

Our support broker will explain anything you’re unsure about and guide you through the process of assessment, financial assessment, support planning, spending your personal budget, managing your personal budget and reviews.

Our aim is to make sure you stay in control and are listened to which is the most important part of the whole process. A support broker can advocate and negotiate for you if there are any areas of difficulty or disagreement.

Our in-depth knowledge of Trafford services, the health and social care sector, alternative forms of support, recruiting and managing personal assistants, activities, groups and beyond means whatever it is that you need to live your life the way you want to, we make sure you have the best chance of finding it and making it happen

A support broker can provide advice and information on each step of the process by:
• Informing you about your rights in relation to community care
• Outlining all available options depending on your situation
• Providing information so you can make the right choices for you
• Providing technical advice and support around costings, becoming an employer and managing direct payments
• Source the provision you have chosen
• Meet with potential providers with you to see if they are right for you
• Get the support plan and payments authorised
• Set up your support
• Review your support with you on an ongoing basis
• Assist you to make any changes to your plan or support if required

Why is it different to social services?

We are local charity which is independent from the council, NHS and care and support services. This means we can provide free, confidential and impartial information and advice tailored to you.

Downloadable forms and resources

Brokerage Referral Form (WORD.DOC)
Brokerage Poster (PDF)
Brokerage Information Sheet (PDF)
Complaints and Compliments Form (WORD.DOC)

(If you require these documents in any other accessible formats then please contact us)

How do I get a broker?

Whatever part of the process you are at, you can involve a broker or change to a new broker at any time. For more information or to book an initial appointment contact:

Support Broker
Telephone: 0161 850 0645
E-mail: [email protected]